The Story of What Brain Science Has Discovered about Dreams

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  • Length: 256 pages
  • Language: English
  • Author: Jonathan A. Leonard
  • Publisher: The Box Bush Press, 156 Main Street, Sandwich, MA 02563
  • Product dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Copyright: February, 2009

Dreamworld: How Your Brain Dreams and Why: A New Brain Science View of Our Mind's Night-time Work
by Jonathan A Leonard


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If you want to know why you dream, how you dream, and why dreams are important, this book is for you.

Dreamworld explains much of the mystery about dreams. In the process, it provides a sound, appealing, and easily readable account of how the brain works, something useful for everyone interested in the brain and mind. At a more advanced level, in later chapters Dreamworld breaks new ground in the dream-related areas of sleep, emotions, memory, dreaming consciousness, and other matters of interest to psychologists, neurologists, and students of the brain. In sum, Dreamworld provides a sound well-written overview of what brain science has discovered about dreams and related matters in recent decades, giving its readers a fresh and current view of both the sleeping brain and dreams.


(Excerpt:) "For the first time in human history, science is catching up with the truth about the mystery of dreams. The full account is not yet in. No future laureate has stepped forward to present a scientifically sound and compelling explanation of why dreams really are creative and why they seem prophetic. But myriad small revelations are sparkling like ocean ripples in the sun; a great tide is turning; and one who examines the surface of this dream ocean carefully can see the form of an important story waiting to be told.
     "The essence of that story is as follows: Dreams are not just accidents of Nature. Rather, they are part of a nightly process devised by Nature that is directed at improving the content of the mind. That process does several key things that relate to dreams. It is emotionally driven, so it picks up issues of concern to the dreamer. It combines memories in unusual ways, perhaps to see how well they relate to one another. And it works with a broader range of memories than those normally available to the conscious mind when the dreamer is awake. So it's not surprising that dreams should be creative. And since the brain is dedicated to foretelling the future by planning out responses to potential problems, it's not even surprising that some dreams should seem prophetic.
     "This is a story worthy of much fuller development, and that is the purpose of this book."

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